03/28/2021 15:45
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B1uMoonGirl 03/29/2021 21:26
B1uM0onGirl, im saying something with my main account now to break the silence because it feels weird now. A.
B1uM0onGirl 03/29/2021 18:17
impressed, this** it changes the meaning a little so just clarifying
B1uM0onGirl 03/29/2021 18:16
Caio231, whats that supposed to mean sdfjsk because i AM impressed this is great
Caio231 03/29/2021 18:08
B1uMoonGirl, he is probably very good and came to impress us
roquangardner 03/29/2021 12:15
thank you
thav0d 03/29/2021 12:13
roquangardner, yes. there is html5 extension for chrome, a separate flash supported browser, or a desktop editor "m-edit" that you can draw and upload toons with (but need a password-made account). everything in the description of this toon
roquangardner 03/29/2021 12:12
so please if any body have a way were I can animate with out flash pleaaasseeeee
roquangardner 03/29/2021 12:11
if been practicing soo hard on my drawing skills
roquangardner 03/29/2021 12:11
Is there a way were I can still animate with out flash
B1uMoonGirl 03/29/2021 10:33
i dont understand how you animate such good toons so FAST