Halloween pallet contest!

09/30/2017 20:18
You have to draw something to do with halloween, you can blend but only with the colors provided. it will be over october 20. 1st place will get a animation for them. second place a colored drawing, 3rd a drawing. have funn.


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Rebz 09/30/2017 21:31
Hey so you can blend as much as you want right? I will exploit that rule :^)
DapperVoxlyy 09/30/2017 21:31
AelanDraw, sure
DapperVoxlyy 09/30/2017 21:31
plustic_neesan, tbh I did it in hopes to distract people from the flamewar going on
plustic_neesan 09/30/2017 21:30
dapper making contest nani
AelanDraw 09/30/2017 21:29
Xx_anxiety_xX 09/30/2017 21:29
TheGreenAngel 09/30/2017 21:28
Rebz 09/30/2017 21:22
TheGreenAngel 09/30/2017 21:03
Im almost done (not
bridgey2663 09/30/2017 21:02