09/14/2020 12:46
Something I did that took some time. KInda Proud on this.
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BEVERLY_HILLS 09/15/2020 10:06
also YurFam sorry for having this discussion on your toon lmao
i guess it gives your toon attention
BEVERLY_HILLS 09/15/2020 10:03
Epicxz, well punching your least favourite teacher can get you in a lot of trouble
you should try to learn to control it and just ignore them
thats what i learned to do

-__-__-__-__-__-, well id say you can dislike furries anywhere but toonator, discord, or a furry convention
Epicxz 09/15/2020 09:59
-__-__-__-__-__-, ..... ok......
Epicxz 09/15/2020 09:59
BEVERLY_HILLS, i call myself BULLYED and bullyed means everyday, i'd to stop caring about them and insult them, think of it as punching your least fav teacher in school
-__-__-__-__-__- 09/15/2020 09:59
Epicxz, nobody makes you toxic also joking about hating furries here isn't the best plan.. ehe
BEVERLY_HILLS 09/15/2020 09:52
Epicxz, nobody actually made you toxic
you chose to be toxic because for some reason you had a grudge against those people
you couldve ignored them or blocked them if they were harrassing you and gone on with your day
Epicxz 09/15/2020 09:51
BEVERLY_HILLS, tbh i'd make a toon about ppl who made me toxic
Epicxz 09/15/2020 09:50
BEVERLY_HILLS, great timing bc i unblocked you the sec u said that
BEVERLY_HILLS 09/15/2020 09:44
Epicxz, cuz i cant talk to you on your own toon

sorry about being so rude to you now i see that i was in the wrong
but you should also work on being less rude too

a lot of people want you off the site because you are harrassing everybody you see practically and its pretty annoying to some people

if you would stop trying to make people feel terrible then everything would be better and the world would be a nicer place
Epicxz 09/15/2020 09:33
-__-__-__-__-__-, I WAS JOKING, STUPID