y'all are funny

08/07/2020 13:07
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Grimmm 08/07/2020 14:43
LeisurlyBeaver, why are we all so mean to him </3
LeisurlyBeaver 08/07/2020 14:10
Grimmm, yandere dev himself is pathetic and funny yes
Grimmm 08/07/2020 14:03
LeisurlyBeaver, you have a point I guess lol calm down
but yeah yandere dev is funny
LeisurlyBeaver 08/07/2020 13:56
funny reddit momemtn! hmrmm I will convince people to hate toon by manipuating people with controversial topic! bravo bravo me! yandere dev funny! baka mitai! XDXD
gueswhatimafurry 08/07/2020 13:27
yan dev
Grimmm 08/07/2020 13:15
I applaud the ppl who still troll on this site it must be fucking boring