Grooming birb

01/21/2019 15:45
I just love birds <33


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Tiger_starz 02/17/2019 13:25
MilkCat, so, he made the oc? Im confused XD. And btw, when will be the toon done? (sorry if im rushing)
MilkCat 02/11/2019 16:33
Tiger_starz, nooo thats canadian-leaf205
Tiger_starz 02/08/2019 11:56
Tiger_starz 01/25/2019 07:14
MilkCat, oh, ok! <3
MilkCat 01/24/2019 16:33
Tiger_starz, Ill eventually make a toon about it :l so just wait for a few days :D
Tiger_starz 01/24/2019 10:19
uuuh, can i adopt this species? (i ment, can i use this thing in my animations? :) )
Kaseuwu 01/23/2019 21:49
MilkCat, That'd still be amazing, I especially love their 4 wings,
MilkCat 01/23/2019 21:22
Kaseuwu, Idk about selling but im considering making them a species :0
Kaseuwu 01/23/2019 21:12
MilkCat, You should sell adoptables of these "boggos"!
TheMemeistArmy 01/23/2019 19:45
a falcox