Kandicat Fanart!!!

07/26/2020 14:32
I spent a while on this, i hope she (Or you, @Kandicat101 if you are feading this) likes it! Also, she is SUPPOSED to be wearing fur, but, it looks odd, so, meh.


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DeadRoses 08/09/2020 10:59
Dragonwolf950, aaa so cool! I can understand u,me too
Dragonwolf950 08/07/2020 08:13
DeadRoses, This is my (kind of) real style, on toon i draw simpler so it is easier to make each individual frame. Plus, i usually draw on Krita or on paper.
DeadRoses 08/07/2020 06:42
God thats awesome!
Dragonwolf950 08/01/2020 15:31
Kandicat101, Thanks :3
Kandicat101 08/01/2020 07:44
Dragonwolf950, i love it!
Dragonwolf950 07/26/2020 14:33
also, i LOVE the blue side of the hair, to me, it looks perfect.