Starcraft Archon

06/27/2018 10:29
My first protoss unit, and possibly my best so far.
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-SherlockHolmes- 07/10/2018 13:37
Toasty430, oh..thanks.
FG_FatalHydra 07/09/2018 17:19
-SherlockHolmes-, Told you. :/
Toasty430 07/09/2018 17:18
-SherlockHolmes-, FG_FatalHydra, SHE SHE SHE, I aM a sHe but yeah Sherlock, you are the one and only master on this site.
FG_FatalHydra 07/09/2018 12:30
-SherlockHolmes-, No, there really isn't anyone he could mix you up with.
-SherlockHolmes- 07/09/2018 12:29
FG_FatalHydra, I am pretty sure he is
FG_FatalHydra 07/09/2018 11:41
-SherlockHolmes-, no, I think he isn't.
-SherlockHolmes- 07/09/2018 11:29
Toasty430, You must be mixing me up with someone else.
Toasty430 07/09/2018 10:31
Toasty430, Blending, to be exact
Toasty430 07/09/2018 10:31
-SherlockHolmes-, oh, you are just only the mASTER of drawing
-SherlockHolmes- 07/09/2018 10:26
Toasty430, Dunno what you are talking about.