Redesigning my new oc

01/03/2018 15:46
i thought my old oc was waaaaay to simple, so i thought about redesigning my new oc b giving him a new haircut and some unique features...well i did steal a lot of ideas from other people to make this so dont give all the credit to me
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zefuro 02/14/2018 18:47
QueenAngel1 02/14/2018 03:34
Innesxxx 01/13/2018 09:02
Innesxxx 01/13/2018 08:58
I'm gonna edit this if that is chill.
Innesxxx 01/13/2018 08:58
Maybe make the nose bigger and less anime :3 Like your ear and the eye's.
zefuro 01/07/2018 15:03
LightedDarkness 01/07/2018 10:13
thats good
zefuro 01/04/2018 12:17
Kotsuko, c'mon, it was just a doodle,don't need to be so strict,

i was tilting my laptop back while drawing this so it looks bad,
tilt your ipad/ laptop screen back and it will look like the drawing i actually wanted to make.
Kotsuko 01/03/2018 18:21
btw I like him... Especially the eyes...
Kotsuko 01/03/2018 18:20
noice... .a little obviously seen shading on the skin and eyes could do ^_^"... Especially the coat (Since it's clothes...) AND THE NOSE WHERE IS IT ;-; I'm sorry if this sounded offensive but it just bothered me!! ,,>_<,,,