Quitting toonator...

11/30/2017 22:14
I have to leave because my mom found out how innaprorpiate this website is so bye guys.. also i found this new website called abcya probably not online but thats where im making animations now
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toonimator_101 12/17/2018 08:59
x_furry-, how??? I think It's for all ages, It's just SOME people make it inappropriate because of the type of toons they make.
SansLikes2Draw 02/24/2018 08:53
warriorcats2600 12/31/2017 19:44
I might be too late but, *hugs* goodbye
BendysBF_2 12/26/2017 12:00
i know about abcya too-

-AshFlame- 12/20/2017 22:25
I'm honestly hecking disgusted with everyone right now. Everyone who agrees that nobody should care is just horrible. This person has to leave because their Gaurdian feels like the content some people post is to innapropiate for her child.

Does that make you proud, knowing that you're on a Website that a parent has to remove their child from? Also, this website should be for all ages. Nobody should have to feel sad leaving a website because of some people's actions.

Honestly this is terrible.
Elle5 12/20/2017 02:18
I... don't know what's going on here lmao, but I'll miss ya, I wish you good uck and success in your future hugs <33
Zionaaaaa 12/19/2017 19:51
x_furry-, How long has she been gone now, hmm?
ayyitjay 12/18/2017 19:39
x_furry-, lmao you gucci wit me fam i gotchu
Kotsuko 12/17/2017 15:54
Still, if they didnt tell everyone that they were going to quit Toonator, then they would wonder if they quit or not. Every post has a meaning, even if it was made for fun (thats its meaning). Be friendly in any community. Make everyone feel safe and welcomed. Everyones here to have fun and have the freedom to be happy and welcoming. Dont ruin it with your shitty attitudes, please. There are others that actually care.

Also if you know that youre naturally rude then you should just shut up. Or check what you just typed and revise it. Geez do you not know what respect even means. Did you not go to school. Use a rude-to-respect translator (im sure theres something like that online) or at least try to be as friendly as possible. Theres no such thing as naturally rude, unless if you mean to.

(p.s. this is not some manga or anime where youre naturally cool, rude, dishonest and oblivious. If you do, then think again, idiot.. HMPH)
Kotsuko 12/17/2017 15:44
No matter what age you are, you must respect one another, in cyberspace or in reality. If you dont respect people online, youre breaking the Rules and Regulations of the online community. It might even be called cyberbullying.