but really

04/19/2019 07:32
I seriously can't find anybody who doesn't hate me for some blooping sloop. so I'm ggonna wait 2 years for someone who actually cares about me, and even at that, he probably won't know me, by that time it was about 4 years since i last saw this kid, I hate getting yelled at for something nobody told me about/ is very small. I picked up a basketball and about 1-2 kids yelled at me for playing with it, and this happens like every s i n g l e d a y. with nobody even flooping giving a care.
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BEVERLY_HILLS 05/02/2019 15:49
redpoopplays_YT 04/28/2019 14:32
sadason 04/19/2019 07:34
yeah, nobody is gonna see these
i don't care if someone does, but it also hurts when everybody expects me to be weird and cheerful all flipping day, and of course calling me weird.