07/20/2019 15:31
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Kanashiq 07/22/2019 15:06
creeper, aw man
Thegemarald 07/22/2019 10:46
ChrisB, better?
Inteligense 07/22/2019 10:22
Ohokuv, So we back in the mine
Thegemarald 07/22/2019 10:14
oh u already did
Thegemarald 07/22/2019 10:10
pls check out my anims?
ChrisB 07/22/2019 10:08
League_Fighters 07/22/2019 09:55
ChrisB, real with it
ChrisB 07/22/2019 09:46
Thegemarald, They're trash man, I'd recommend trying to do animations without using stickmen, also do you do keyframes first? We could make a collab at some point if you want.
Thegemarald 07/22/2019 08:59
ChrisB, do u like my animations? or are they trash? maybe take a look if u want to?
Thegemarald 07/22/2019 08:59