its bad

11/24/2018 22:02
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anime-boi 11/24/2018 22:06
yea I know but I dident just want to add why so seirous
RobloxianCats 11/24/2018 22:06
if you just put the shapes of them, you could still tell it's the joker
RobloxianCats 11/24/2018 22:05
But for mine, I wasn't gonna add any pupils, or eyes. I was gonna have just the shape of his mouth, nose and eyes
RobloxianCats 11/24/2018 22:05
anime-boi, Thanks!
anime-boi 11/24/2018 22:04
I like your style tho
anime-boi 11/24/2018 22:04
na I messed up
RobloxianCats 11/24/2018 22:03
It's not bad!
In fact it's amazing!
I wish I was this good!