Is toonator dead?

05/06/2019 19:18
I havent been really on in like two years, and now that Im back, no one seems to be here. Is toonator dead?
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_cuddles_ 08/02/2019 10:58
eh i dont even know anymore the worst thing is that the popular page isnt filled up thats sad :C
SwagTomato 05/31/2019 03:12
Wrong account again..
SlenderStudios 05/31/2019 03:12
Josh1673, No offence but I don't think you would get passer even if your request was reviewed.It takes more time then you think to improve and get good.I was lucky to get passer my animations don't look that good in my opinion.
SlenderStudios 05/29/2019 14:18
Josh1673 05/29/2019 13:36
SwagTomato, I wasn't here that long ago, I only joined a few months ago. But from what I've heard Toonator used to be a lot better with mods around. I doubt there would be so many facebook passers if the mods had stayed. I mean, the only reason I became a facebook passer was because my passer request hadn't even been viewed yet. (And it's been up for 4 months) But that's just how it is I guess. Anyways, could you send me a link to Drawn? I could never find it.
SwagTomato 05/29/2019 13:08
This place was so wholesome when I first joined.Everyone here was and is rediculously friendly.I remember getting a lot of nice comments about my old shitty animations and how ''cool'' they were...................Those were lies lol.Toon is getting worse and worse without the mods and facebook passers are annoying as fuck, plus shitposts here are getting more attention then actual good animations and that's just not cool(Yeah I get that they are jokes but still).I learned the basics of animation here by myself and achived a lot of things such as the biggest toon (6071 frames) wich is trash but I'm proud of it anyways .I love this place and I come here often but I have to stick to Drawn from now on.. It's really sad.
SeveralGiraffes 05/17/2019 17:58
Dear god I hope it isn't dead
Ceralius101 05/13/2019 18:58
BEVERLY_HILLS, yeah I agree
BEVERLY_HILLS 05/12/2019 10:58
Bomby, 2 years ago everything was perfect here

at least thats what i think
Mcflurrydog 05/11/2019 09:01
sorry peoples