Spherous Indeed

09/13/2019 02:36
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Ansonlin360 09/15/2019 07:55
CCDriver, IDC feel free to use any of my animations as templates i dont mind
wpdlfma 09/15/2019 07:48
CCDriver, exactly, u know well!
SpiritWolfie 09/14/2019 09:57
SpiritWolfie 09/14/2019 09:57
CCDriver 09/14/2019 07:31
animaitionate, anime school girls are undefeatable
animaitionate 09/13/2019 21:13
and if not also, ok
animaitionate 09/13/2019 21:13
btw are you going to just say that your character will not ever lose if so then ok
animaitionate 09/13/2019 20:37
n i c e
wais228 09/13/2019 16:54
anyone gonna give em a metal yet?
zefuro 09/13/2019 15:07
woah woah woah woah Your action animations just got F A S T E R