05/24/2019 15:06
There's so many drafts that I'll never be able to finish. I won't be able to make anything good for my 1000th toon. Why is this happening? Is the creator of Toon having problems (whether it be with money, storage, etc) and had to make touchscreens unusable? Like what the heck? Not being able to work on these drafts is just depressing. I wish I didn't put them off so much. I could've posted them before this whole mess took place.
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Awkward__Artist 10/10/2019 16:56
DaleksOfSkaro 10/08/2019 13:05
Theres kinda a way to fix this, but it doesnt work on chromebooks sadly,
just using internet explorer or Microsoft Edge would fix the issue, but sadly thats windows exclusive
Awkward__Artist 05/24/2019 15:11
Fwisk, Thanks anyway.
(Hopefully that doesn't come off as sarcastic.)
Fwisk 05/24/2019 15:10
Awkward__Artist, oh
then idk what to tell u lol
Awkward__Artist 05/24/2019 15:08
Fwisk, Pretty sure I have to download that and since I'm using a school chromebook, I don't think that's allowed.
Fwisk 05/24/2019 15:07
just go on explorer.
its not really. toon.
IAmDissapointing 05/24/2019 15:07