я короч сторалась...

12/06/2017 09:55
не дай бог свяшенный меня отправит на писок
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Kalerya 12/07/2017 22:26
I am a foreigner, but live in Russia.
DapperVoxlyy 12/07/2017 22:21
Kalerya, Australian
Kalerya 12/07/2017 22:20
DapperVoxlyy, I mean? what nationality are you?
DapperVoxlyy 12/07/2017 22:06
Kalerya, o h man
I'm going to guess English is not your first language
that made no sense to me sorry :')
Kalerya 12/07/2017 21:50
DapperVoxlyy, Russian is fashionable, to be honest. But the author of this cartoon from that site, just some cartoons with the Russian site get to English and Vice versa.
-_Vorka_- 12/07/2017 14:21
ibretor 12/07/2017 13:59
nah my teacher ask a dragon animation too i tried to put it on pdf and i did continue bc i didn't know how to put it on pdf ._. and can help me i need a dragon animation on a PDF for school and this one is cool
-_Vorka_- 12/07/2017 09:59
DapperVoxlyy, I don't know
DapperVoxlyy 12/07/2017 09:50
Kalerya, it's joke
I'm not actually scared
More confused
They have a better site that's more advanced and updated
Why come to our crappy small site
-_Vorka_- 12/07/2017 09:48
DapperVoxlyy, do not worry and be surprised