booofy doofy oof

11/19/2017 20:41
i saw a drawing like this and made my own verion of it. idk who made the orignal one though
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Dragrawrxxx 04/07/2018 11:06
wasn't it you who made the original one XD
sweetly_wicked 12/01/2017 21:37
recsterio, yeah. it's not very good though XD but I'm still lucky to have it
recsterio 12/01/2017 21:27
It's beautiful, do you use a drawing pad?
ZacharyTheDragon 11/21/2017 11:09
sweetly_wicked, my god i cant blend
but yer so gud at it
sweetly_wicked 11/19/2017 20:42
this looks weird from far away XD