Top 10 questions science cant explain

05/15/2018 22:08
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dimondclaw888 05/18/2018 09:58
what even is traps
RRedDeathNickK 05/18/2018 09:53
I have to agree, traps are very gay
dimondclaw888 05/18/2018 08:42
if only bill Nye could actually see this crap
massacrethedemon 05/17/2018 22:19
Dragrawrxxx, thats actually a good question. ILL GOOGLE IT "W h y i s i t w h e n w e g o " H A A A A " w h i l e b l o w i n g i t ' s h o t , b u t w h e n w e g o " W H O O " a n d b l o w , i t ' s c o l d ? "
Lellalora 05/17/2018 16:37
Bill nye the science guy bill nye the science guy bill bill bill bill bill nye the science guy
Lellalora 05/17/2018 16:36
Bill nye can fly
Lellalora 05/17/2018 16:33
If you have 4 books, take 2 and put them on the other side of like a small desk or something, attach a paperclip to a string, put the string under 2 books, have magnets on top of the other 2, attach the paperclip to the magnet, and slowly pull away the magnets, the paperclip floats :)
dimondclaw888 05/17/2018 16:16
why does this not have a metal????
dimondclaw888 05/17/2018 16:14
Offel 05/17/2018 14:28