09/14/2019 12:40
i'm sorry guys i tried, this is my attempt with a trackpad since my tablet refuses to work with toon,,, or drawn on my new laptop. i know, demote me. i have nothing more to add to oldschool since i'll probably never figure out how to make my tablet work here again.
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Cashew_Studios 09/14/2019 19:16
ooorrr you could join the Trackpad users.
Pasterupastel 09/14/2019 14:47
dude that sucks ;_;
Toonimator_666 09/14/2019 14:40
Sketched-hope, awh man, hope it fixes
Sketched-hope 09/14/2019 13:39
Toonimator_666, nah thank bro
it has something to do with the computer, i have tried my best with my stunted understanding of computer stuff
it just doesn't wanna work on here.
Toonimator_666 09/14/2019 13:35
Sketched-hope, oop what about chrome?
Sketched-hope 09/14/2019 13:33
Toonimator_666, yes, both internet explorer and fire fox.
Toonimator_666 09/14/2019 12:44
oop have you tried on a different browser? >.>