Psycho Teddy (WIP)

09/02/2016 23:13
Should I even continue this anymore xD it's been in my drafts for so GODDAMN LONG anyway this is still a wip but enjoy lmao



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tiger09 11/09/2019 00:00
oh my god here's my wallet
MarsTheWolf 09/13/2019 21:14
Awwwww he jus wants cuddless..
I would give cuddles
poor baby jus wantas lov.
mrrby25000 05/29/2019 09:14
ShineX-Daydream why you bully the artist? the artist worked hard ok? if you are going to go off insulting people who work hard, then maybe we should insult your art too
FERMI 01/17/2019 20:26
you dont have to continue if you dont want to, but for what its worth, this is h OT
VoidWatcher 01/17/2019 15:18
Squiggly_Donkeys 08/17/2018 07:14
pls finish this
THEROLEPLAYER_ 07/27/2018 19:48
ShineX-Daydream, what is wrong with you
THEROLEPLAYER_ 07/27/2018 19:47
Sazzafrazz 06/21/2018 07:48
-RoadKill, xD truuue
-RoadKill 06/21/2018 07:41
Jazzmary, this was made in 2016 I doubt your gonna get a reply lol