03/19/2018 13:20
lana and her little sister rose. u can sorta tell a bit about each ones personality by this XD i may or may not do a continuation. ( probs not) hope ya like em ^^ -disaster


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galaxykat 04/19/2018 07:02
lol XD
queenotaku 03/28/2018 11:41
hahaha!! This is so ture!!
_Disaster_ 03/26/2018 10:51
RANDOMGIRL4, HAHAHAH I'm so glad you like it!!!!
RANDOMGIRL4 03/25/2018 19:27
LMAO THIS LITERALLY HAS ME IN TEARS AIUWHIU DISASTER.. NEW .. FAV CHARACTERS AH- i'll stop fangirling but seriously this is hilarious.
_Disaster_ 03/22/2018 08:00
-AshFlame-, i hear yaXD
-AshFlame- 03/21/2018 18:52
a_IX_To-Ru, Eh, everyone has their own opinions.
a_IX_To-Ru 03/21/2018 17:36
-AshFlame-, well. i kinda agree now that you said that (mainly cause i did not before) but trump's still a jerk to me. sorry.
-AshFlame- 03/21/2018 14:32
a_IX_To-Ru, Actually, I dont get why people judge Trump for wanting Mexico to pay for the wall. I dont want to start a flame war. But, Mexico actually owes us like a billion dollars, so, by Mexico paying for the wall they're paying their debt back to us e.e

Also, the wall is meant for illegal immigrants. Trump never said anything about it ruining our relationship with Mexico. After all, they're apart of NAFTA.

I didnt like the election's candidates. I wasnt for Trump or Hillary. In my opinion they were both too strong headed.
_Disaster_ 03/21/2018 10:06
newguy_ 03/21/2018 10:04