09/10/2019 20:38


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FluffyPanther 09/22/2019 12:12
Ok, this is taking too long please delete this, it has been 12 days now.
AnimateBeast 09/15/2019 15:15
my animations are finally good enough to be stolen, :DDD, but srsly don't steal, it's obvious and it'll just get hated on
FluffyPanther 09/15/2019 13:58
You said you would delete it five days ago but you still haven't. If you really are sorry, you would have deleted or in other words, taken it off you album, by now. Don't lie about doing something and maybe after practicing and doing your own art and animations, you can animate like this!
doggo13 09/11/2019 13:32
sorry im very sorry i will delete it forgive me
SummerDays 09/11/2019 12:21
stop stealing!
maximus2516 09/10/2019 21:41
not cool man ;/
animaitionate 09/10/2019 21:18
you stole it dude