03/18/2019 18:16
Im going to write #2's backstory in the comments I need somewhere to note it and google drive is busy fighting a 4 gb thing my teacher sent me
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2DaruiAnimator 05/03/2019 16:44
Talia8Pie, wow wowowowowowwowowowoow
BlazeTheNinja-48 04/22/2019 16:20
Talia8Pie, wow thats pretty dark but cool
saukerl 03/18/2019 18:43
J_M_ 03/18/2019 18:38
Talia8Pie, I-
that's an awsomely well-crafted backstory
Talia8Pie 03/18/2019 18:34
#2 was created as a counseler, which is why her casing was a rombus shape. Her creator sacrificed her right eye, wings, part of her ear, and her ability to understand to bring #2 into existence. #2 cannot age and until she dies or is given the ability to age, is stuck at the age 12 (I couldn't decide on an age, but because she was so young looking she's 12 earth orbits) Along with the dinosaur onesie she wears all the time, it gives her a friendly feel. She is always prepared to help anyone.

After she had learnt Sashnian and parts of english, #2 went to forfill her duty. She went around the city she lived in with her creator, basically being a counselor and helping people deal with their problems. It went well, she became proud of herself that she was helping so many people to live life even just a little longer. #2 even said to her creator she was probably the best person to help anyone. She was so happy.

Until one day, she was having lots of difficulty with a man who was so fixed on killing himself. They got into an argument, #2 trying to reassure him death was bad and it could break more things than he could think of. But despite of all of this reasoning, the man angrily shouted back "Who the fuck cares." and shot himself in front of her with a pistol. She watched in pure horror as the body sunk to the floor as blood poured out of his head. Silence filled the room, as the blood continued to flow out.

Inside #2 shattered a little. This was the first time she failed.

After having a talk to her creator about why humans wanted to do such things, she decided this was just a setback. #2 tried harder with her other patients to stop them.

She was mostly successful. 1 out of 20 people she talked to died either later or right in front of her. Slowly and slowly, #2 began breaking down. She was terrified, all these failures of her soul purpose was going to take toll on her one day. She began becoming like these people, hating how she couldn't do anything right. The creator tried to help her herself, soothing her as she sat sobbing on the couch over another dead body.

Along she went, she kept trying and trying to help them. Again, she was successful most times, but all the suicides that had happened gave her the reputation of being a killer of some sort. Patients started to not trust her as well, and #2 felt alone as noone really wanted to be with her, the counselor who kills.

After a few more cases, #2 was reasoning with a girl of 17, holding a knife in one hand. Both tried reasoning with each other, which then turned into an argument.

#2 finally snapped.

She screamed if you don't want to live then fine, and dug her blood weapon into the girls chest. When she had realized what she did, the girl was already bleeding on the floor, the knife still in the girl's hand, completely clean. She put her hand to her mouth and sank down next to the girl. She. She killed her. The shock of the girl was still scribbled all over her face, her eyes looking at the corner of the room. #2 began to cry, she failed her purpose horribly. And it was her fault this time. Entirely her fault. She fled the room and ran to her creator. Together they promised #2 would limit her interaction with these types of people.

And thats basically it lmao.