06/25/2018 18:40
Petty drawing, but at least the animation is somewhat good. (I posted this again because I noticed mistakes in the previous one, so I hope this one is better looking.)


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BCManimator 07/26/2018 17:44
Arii2Last, HH

Arii2Last 07/17/2018 15:17
BCManimator, hOLy- you posted that last year on my birthday too xD (tomorrow is my birthday)
BCManimator 07/16/2018 16:13
gr8 animators draw alike.

Arii2Last 06/29/2018 19:07
Unxknown_player, n o i c e
Unxknown_player 06/25/2018 22:19
*click* NOICE