rewatching death note

11/30/2018 19:46
i used to have a weird obsession with this anime lol
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bevvo 12/30/2018 09:16
Zook_the_zombie, lol yea took me a while to get over his death :') the rest is of the anime is still good though
Zook_the_zombie 12/29/2018 20:26
I love it! Right now I cant finish Death note because 1 L died...2 the show now sucks without him. 3 he was my fav baby boy. 4 anime is blocked right now XD
bevvo 11/30/2018 20:01
DaleksOfSkaro, im getting traumatic flashbacks ;-;
DaleksOfSkaro 11/30/2018 20:00
DaleksOfSkaro 11/30/2018 19:59
bevvo 11/30/2018 19:59
DarrenInAgony, yeah idk why but I rlly loved the 2nd one!
DarrenInAgony 11/30/2018 19:56
I loved the op so much
bevvo 11/30/2018 19:56
2yearOld, still one of my faves
NyanDogeKat, yess I could never quite warm to n as much ;(
JacksonAnimates, capp i concur
capp 11/30/2018 19:53
good boyo
2yearOld 11/30/2018 19:50
i love death not