Spectacular, Exquisite, Elegant Beauty

01/10/2019 16:12
"I like this place... This place of gold and tan. Each sprout springing a ravishing burst of colour; a bright charm, drawing the supposed sensitive eye. None like this, splendid and marvelous, awestriking, and the winter tiers of wooden heights, forever reaching the untouchable sky." // All art is given credit to @TW1ST3D, I only added a little and put a little simple statement // The extra dialogue I put in here is what I thought after seeing your art. Keep up the good work! It's amazing!!! (and if this offended you in any way, please tell me, I'll remove it from my album immedately!)
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Kotsuko 02/12/2019 18:19
ItsJustSawyer, Nononono It's TW1ST3D 's colouring, not mines. All credit goes to Twisted, I just did the outlines and some modification
ItsJustSawyer 02/12/2019 18:03
This is beautiful aaaaa I love your coloring
Kotsuko 01/29/2019 15:03
Gamebuster2K4, Oof sorry, man, I don't know a thing about undertale ^^"
Gamebuster2K4 01/29/2019 10:20
Reminds me of undertale
Kotsuko 01/28/2019 19:42
zefuro, Oh? >W> And what might that be?
zefuro 01/28/2019 15:45
reminds me of a specific pic i saw 2 years ago...
Kotsuko 01/28/2019 15:13
Amorthlen, All credit goes to TW1ST3D !!! Only the outlining is by me-- >w>
Amorthlen 01/28/2019 13:50
nice one Kotsuko! :P <3 looks awesome
Kotsuko 01/14/2019 22:34
TW1ST3D, YEAH! XD Well, one day we will... One day..
TW1ST3D 01/14/2019 21:35
Kotsuko, hehe :P i think that sounds like an awesome idea!!!