singing (fail)

01/06/2016 19:15
i tried a different sort of thing (really bad sorry)
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PopFiz 01/17/2016 15:16
SassAss, Not just this, i wouldnt react just over this. im not going to say anything more im already tired of the direction this is begginning to point.
SassAss 01/17/2016 15:12
PopFiz, And if u get upset becouse of one little toon gone a little not what it supoustu be idk what to tell you.....the rest of it is good...while your being upset about just one.
SassAss 01/17/2016 15:08
PopFiz, Jesus calm down i wasent insulting your toon its actaulay the most kawaii thing ive seen this week
PopFiz 01/17/2016 14:54
SassAss, whether or not it is the truth or otherwise why go on when you see it bothers me? are you really that ignorant and annoying that you have to prove your views even if it upsets another? that is insensitive. I could say everything wrong or what i dislike about your toons but i dont because i know it would upset you and upset others. Why go on about it? haha my own rant about an insignificant person who is being obnoxious, thats quite petty of me. but i could care less as long as you stop being a pain in the ass.
SassAss 01/16/2016 07:36
PopFiz, im just telling you the truth
PopFiz 01/15/2016 16:46
x-Xx_vortex_xX-x, link the first one :P
PopFiz 01/15/2016 16:46
x-Xx_vortex_xX-x 01/15/2016 16:22
its liek a 21 video series
u sure?
PopFiz 01/15/2016 15:45
x-Xx_vortex_xX-x, can you link the vid?
x-Xx_vortex_xX-x 01/15/2016 15:44
May is a character from a youtube serious whose mom died from a wolf befriends a wolf and hide and almost dies because wolf got possessed and happy ever after C: