Yippee, I'm older

07/30/2018 00:44
hip, hip, hooray! i had my b-day relatively recently (i didn't make an animation right after because i was away) and i have decided to celebrate with you guys. I can definitely feel how i have a diferent outlook on Toon over the years. Anyway, who wants *coughdefenitelynotcardboard* cake? :)


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LizWiz 07/31/2018 23:43
ToonToonAnimator, WOT ;^; im sorry that people were hating on your special day i wish i was there to help u out
Kristersv10 07/31/2018 16:05
check it out
_Drag0ns 07/31/2018 12:01
Happy birthday!
Arii2Last 07/30/2018 21:27
Arii2Last, idk happy bday
Arii2Last 07/30/2018 21:27
hApPy LaTe BdAY
Athena97 07/30/2018 18:57
Happy Birthday!
ToonToonAnimator 07/30/2018 16:46
its awesome when a bunch of people get toons for their b-day, my last birthday, i only got hate comments :(
5OUL 07/30/2018 14:32
Happy birthday
LizWiz 07/30/2018 13:01
_Menvis007_, It probably looks so similar because drawing flying things at different perspectives is super fun X'D
_Menvis007_ 07/30/2018 11:42
Happy B day by the way!!