*Silently portays excitement through toon*

12/25/2017 13:38
I had to try it out, and that's how you get this rushed piece of still-shaky trash
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DeadlyPine 12/28/2017 03:26
Ive used A wacom (intuous pen small) for months now, cant use a mouse or trackpad amymore,and i still shake when animating like i did when i first got it x3
anim8ter 12/28/2017 03:22
congratulations! I can't get tablets because they're too expensive :/
redpoopplays_YT 12/25/2017 22:05
same wacon i have but it's from santa :3
Billysilly 12/25/2017 17:15
real_gud_drawz 12/25/2017 16:51
Heck I got one for Christmas
Billysilly 12/25/2017 15:23
I am on a new HP notepad,
Loriya 12/25/2017 15:23
JayCanDraw 12/25/2017 14:36
Noodled, lol
Noodled 12/25/2017 14:33
jay thats the same with my tablet *pat *pat
Noodled 12/25/2017 14:32
i got a smol drawing tablet