Cut My Hair [MEME]

12/05/2017 04:36
this is not animation, I wanted to make it look like a video from YouTube... it's very difficult for me .. not comments .. please ..
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ISEIAHLOU2fan123 12/01/2020 08:20
what does the ball mean
playywithSGS 11/22/2020 03:28
how much time did it take to complte
WHYYYYY 11/20/2020 23:12
This is insane, Iā€™m embarrassed of the stuff I made and proud
-__-__-__-__-__- 10/17/2020 12:55
im still obsessed with this toon ngl.
-__-__-__-__-__- 09/11/2020 08:21
im obsessed with this toon ngl.
80schick 08/29/2020 16:39
This is so Good! I wish I could animate like you!
actiasluna 06/05/2020 15:24
heehee imagine using the objectively inferior version of this song
MinecraftPotato 05/13/2020 20:47
This animation is really well made. Keep it up!
Szabelka1835000 04/16/2020 09:06
LolitaAWW 04/15/2020 12:59
how did you get an audio with it?