Bork till your dead

08/13/2018 16:03
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SANESSSS453 10/01/2019 05:02
Anim8R 09/20/2019 06:03
Can we get an F in the comments for gabe?

GrimpyToonz 07/15/2019 19:11
poor gabe... he will always be remembered in our memes... he was a fine doggo.
GrimpyToonz 07/15/2019 19:09
oh yes! thx
Dogfish 07/15/2019 16:09
rest in borks gabe you will bork in our hearts
FNAFgirl2018 07/14/2019 15:43
WOW this is so smoothly animated!
JourneyToDrawiii 05/12/2019 04:23
My dog heard this song and came running in the room and started barking lol!!!!!
izzyrocks 01/09/2019 18:24
rip gabe ;w;
Cakepopey 01/09/2019 18:11
yes le epic *dances* rip gabe the dog.
ironfred 01/05/2019 10:31