animoo practice

11/22/2018 20:33
my oc Ryuu is a male ik his curly long hair is deciving but he looks male he acts male he IS male
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FLIPPY_WOLF 11/22/2018 21:38
canadian-leaf205 11/22/2018 20:56
takashisenpai18, yeah that's tru
takashisenpai18 11/22/2018 20:52
canadian-leaf205, thing is he's not the dominant male .-.-.-.-..-.-.-.-
takashisenpai18 11/22/2018 20:51
canadian-leaf205 11/22/2018 20:34
not including the warrior cats au ver of this oc
canadian-leaf205 11/22/2018 20:33
this is his cat form, get used to it