i lost my interest on this website ghghghggg

03/17/2018 22:15
nobody will remember me anyway. nobody will cares about me anyway. nobody will came to me anyway. nobody.
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handssecrets 04/16/2018 03:23
ItsMiaAndDE,that's not true it's just people are offline and online at times everyday
also I remember you
did you remember me
I am that annoying user who banned you
whos grammer is bad.
Fluffowuffo 03/17/2018 22:23
I remember you, but you do as you wish; if you want to leave, do so. Us users on here shouldn't stop you from doing what you wanna do.

But just know that I remember you.
SWAGHOLDUP 03/17/2018 22:22
same with me kinda
milki_pie 03/17/2018 22:21
milki_pie, This whole time i was like "where the actual FUCK did they go"
milki_pie 03/17/2018 22:21
Sorry mia but i remembered you since i joined.
pngn3 03/17/2018 22:17
I lost interest a year ago