TEST: me while waiting 3 years to become a passer

02/23/2021 08:52
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Epicxz 02/24/2021 13:52
gueswhatimafurry, but you cant really do better atst
Bububooo3 02/24/2021 13:40
Goosoft 02/24/2021 07:58
Epicxz 02/24/2021 07:57
Epicxz 02/24/2021 07:57
jaheim12, its kinda the truth

and you cant really expect 2 frames to be in oldschool
jaheim12 02/24/2021 07:52
when i asked for rank passer i got denied and toonator said im using too much frame copying and i need to pay attention to each frame carfully
Goosoft 02/24/2021 00:49
Goosoft 02/24/2021 00:45
gueswhatimafurry, idk i lost my drawing tablet so its this i will do for now
gueswhatimafurry 02/23/2021 10:36
haha you lost your passer, if this is all you can do
kraftcheese 02/23/2021 09:11
Goosoft do you have puebla tourettes