09/23/2015 16:58
Continued ^^



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Dark-Ivory 10/04/2015 16:43
Lolhoh0, xDDD THANK YOU!!
Lolhoh0 10/04/2015 01:36
Dark-Ivory 10/02/2015 20:33
Lera2014, I'm okay with criticism.. when it adds something to my life or work. If you don't like, at least tell me why. I'll be glad to hear you.
The only thing that doesn't make sense is for you guys to come here just to say that you don't like it and I shouldn't be where I am just because you don't like me or my animations.
IAlwaysWaitMore 10/02/2015 07:36
Lera2014, I don't get it why are you even talking it to her. Just leave the person alone.
Lera2014 10/02/2015 03:02
You piled the whole crowd,even though we have now written their opinion.We don't compare you with our animators.You are being very silly,stupidly when defending your friend.Yes,it is unpleasant when on the other bump,but the whole crowd to fall - too much.Our opinion is not yours,and don't need to force us to change it in any way.) Oh yeah,we don't envy you your animation,we wrote quite the opposite.Deplete it,please.
Dark-Ivory 09/30/2015 16:11
IAlwaysWaitMore, thanks, friend! >.< don't worry about those people..
IAlwaysWaitMore 09/28/2015 07:56
Dark-Ivory, Amen to this, my friend x) That's one true comment.

S/he's probably just jealous at you and your animations.

Dasha0210Loqvin, Where do you take the rights to say such things to a person, who did nothing bad to you? Just come and say: "Hey, buddy, I wanted to let ya know that you really don't deserve your rank so quit Toonator and get a life" (I see, I'm overreacting tho xD) but really, actually I am 99.9% sure that Ivory here got her rank from Multator moderators, because after she started posting her animations there, she immediately became an animator. But about Toonator mods...They will never visit this site again :/ It's just left to die here. (Gotta change the topic). And by the way, I can't see any copied frames in this animation. There is not much animations with much copied frames she made, at least I found only a few. Aaaaand I'm not done yet. I'm making like 1000 framed animations every day and 999 of them are carbon paper, and I'm still an animator (jk)...So yep.

I'm done.
Thank you,
Dark-Ivory 09/27/2015 09:43
Dasha0210Loqvin, I know Multator and I know the quality of it's animators. I've actually posted animations there and I've been on "top 10" for more than 2 weeks with the same animation, so...
I appreciate your concern about showing me the other site, but I won't tolerate you talking this way about Toonator's animators. Here we got wonderful people and astonishing animators, so don't come saying anyone's better, because it's a lie.
fuzzysm 09/27/2015 09:40
Dark-Ivory, np senpai.
keep on the good work :D
Dark-Ivory 09/27/2015 09:38
fuzzysm, romianimations, thank you guys for your support and for standing for me :'D you're awesome!!