02/12/2020 04:58
IT'S HERE!! inspired by/continuation of Talia8Pie's anim! /10/ this doubles as my CSSSA app! love you all and good night <3


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Rigbyart 02/12/2020 19:46
this is great, but it would be better if it could sync
TarynStar 02/12/2020 19:11
hi i love this i love you i'm dead
Talia8Pie 02/12/2020 19:03
Ur too amazing hecc ;-;
Talia8Pie 02/12/2020 18:58
*C o n f u s e d s c r e a m i n g*
GlitterBomb 02/12/2020 18:36
Bruh this is fucking epic <3
Awkward__Artist 02/12/2020 16:48
Heckin amazing.
EndlessStyless 02/12/2020 16:43
AY -clap MAZE -clap- ING
SonicmlpGolden 02/12/2020 15:46
Fluffowuffo, Yo sameee!
Fluffowuffo 02/12/2020 15:33
this is so amazing that my laptop's lagging on it lol
iloveanimating21 02/12/2020 15:02
still underrated