02/12/2020 04:58
IT'S HERE!! inspired by/continuation of Talia8Pie's anim! /10/ this doubles as my CSSSA app! love you all and good night <3


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Animator260 02/22/2020 15:32
Hellosoup 02/21/2020 19:48
The animation and the song is pretty lit :3 Love it.
-__-__-__-__-__- 02/20/2020 11:41
@Seruli with one i doesn't exist

Quite odd
Serulii 02/19/2020 03:16
Raine_Rain, nah! it's the same as animator rank but sounds cooler ahahah. i was able to get it bc i'm a patron of toonator on patreon and i'm also animator rank! ^-^
Raine_Rain 02/18/2020 17:30
Raine_Rain, is it classified?
Raine_Rain 02/18/2020 17:30
what can the dragon rank do?
_StarMoonlight_ 02/18/2020 07:55

"all the other kids better run better run, faster than my gun"
-__-__-__-__-__- 02/18/2020 07:15
dono_the_mono, thanks for saying the lyrics, serulii's toon and talia's toon doesn't say 'bullets' and i kept hearing odd things like 'outrun ur mom' ._.
Isuckatusingmous 02/18/2020 02:09
This is honestly amazing
I love it!
dono_the_mono 02/17/2020 20:41
all the other kids with the pumped up kicks they better run better run out run my bullets