Anubis doesn't want friends

09/02/2017 13:26
This is meant for the topic of the day...but I did copy a few frames for the background when I drew the facebook there goes my chances...but yeahhh...Anubis isn't very good at making friends.
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KarimShelby 09/02/2017 13:40
Please ignore this...I want this animation to disappear...why do I suck at life
Jonic-Joestar 09/02/2017 13:39
wireless mouse and keyboard

this boy living in the future from ancient egypt
Mlke 09/02/2017 13:34
detail is noice, but that's definitely not how hands work
KarimShelby 09/02/2017 13:33
It was clearly on purpose. You can still live life with two left hands. (thanks for pointing that out)
Ceralius101 09/02/2017 13:31
He has two left hands. either way good job.