Anubis doesn't want friends

09/02/2017 13:26
This is meant for the topic of the day...but I did copy a few frames for the background when I drew the facebook there goes my chances...but yeahhh...Anubis isn't very good at making friends.
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dragonslayer109 09/13/2017 16:57
Mlke, he is a dog Creature god thing
KarimShelby 09/05/2017 19:10
ToonaToon, Hit 'c' on the frame you want to copy, then after making a new frame, hit 'v'
ToonaToon 09/05/2017 18:49
How doyou copy frames?
KarimShelby 09/04/2017 08:58
bobthedragon, You just made my day. Thank you for finding meaning behind a mistake I made
bobthedragon 09/04/2017 01:53
it's actually canonic with egyptian mural style painting to have two of the same hands! so you might have accidentally made it more relevant by doing this!!

((check out the person on the left to see what I mean ))
KarimShelby 09/03/2017 17:27
xptruck56, But he has two left hands...
xptruck56 09/03/2017 17:15
NICE DUDE thats real nice
KarimShelby 09/03/2017 05:03
ebanygamesonfnaf, Yeah. It's great right
ebanygamesonfnaf 09/03/2017 04:54
KarimShelby, it says i cook for fren.
KarimShelby 09/02/2017 16:55
ebanygamesonfnaf, I didn't deserve it. The only good thing about this is the dog meme I drew. Is very cute frens.