*My birthday was two days ago sksk*

01/05/2019 13:14
15 years old! Woot! Woot! // Tried to do a little something but welp // And zef(-chan) was the first to announce it in DM's so thanks for that, zef! >w>
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WolfThatAnimates 01/28/2019 15:58
WolfThatAnimates 01/28/2019 15:16
Kotsuko, I'm even more honored e.e.e.ee.e.e.e.e.e.
Kotsuko 01/28/2019 06:05
Austin_da_fox, xDD Haha!!!
Austin_da_fox 01/28/2019 05:19
I saw this toon a while back then I saw it again now and before I read the desc I was like they're 15 now right? I look at the desc yep, see I remember ;)
Kotsuko 01/27/2019 22:19
WolfThatAnimates, AA TYYYY!!! ////
WolfThatAnimates 01/27/2019 18:07
But here is your late berthday present
WolfThatAnimates 01/27/2019 18:06
Kotsuko 01/26/2019 14:16
WolfThatAnimates, RIIIGHTT??? And here I thought I was one of the youngest people in TN, because I suck so much. But now I know that even the most OP people around here are as young as me or younger--!!!
WolfThatAnimates 01/26/2019 12:28
So much people at my age, lmao.
Kotsuko 01/25/2019 07:12
Austin_da_fox, ahahah TYYY