The One With The Voice of A Joker

04/15/2019 17:45
Legend states that a girl dressed in sapphire and diamond will beam the world with love and joy and supplies of endless choirs of pure happiness, an entity of darkness spread into a season of warmth. All cards in sync with her own; with power of the invincible quad. The vocaloid of new life, the voice of the joker, shall rise and bring a spring of endless peace to our lands, and bring heart to our once restlessly lifeless hearts.
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Kotsuko 04/15/2019 17:52
Ah and as a side note, this is for hair practice, as you can see. Pretty noob at this now haha

Apologizing for my horribleness
Kotsuko 04/15/2019 17:45
Ugh I can't hair flow

And that's miku uwu