AELP (Comming Soon - To Toon)

05/22/2019 00:02
Or Maybe Drawn but mostly Toon!
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League_Fighters 06/12/2019 19:16
IntenseHands, Woah your stick animations are like god level.
IntenseHands 06/12/2019 16:32
uhh what
League_Fighters 05/22/2019 17:42
FLIPPY_WOLF, sure pm me.
FLIPPY_WOLF 05/22/2019 17:27
League_Fighters, want some info about him....
League_Fighters 05/22/2019 17:26
FLIPPY_WOLF 05/22/2019 17:26
League_Fighters, my long demon boi......?
League_Fighters 05/22/2019 17:20
FLIPPY_WOLF, that stickman monster will be in it though, its creepy and the series has alot of creepy things in it.
FLIPPY_WOLF 05/22/2019 17:19
League_Fighters, .....i wants in....sightly....
League_Fighters 05/22/2019 17:06
FLIPPY_WOLF, sorta a story, its like 5 things going at once, but it all leads up to one evil demon type thing.
FLIPPY_WOLF 05/22/2019 15:00
oooh.....have you already planned a whole story