08/24/2018 08:43
woo! it be complete!!! >:DD ,,,,...,..,.im love,,.. the training trio,,..


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ZiaLullaby 10/28/2019 02:52
This animation is GOLDEN!
RioRanger 10/18/2019 17:30
aaaaa kaito n maki n shuichi :D
Kotsuko 11/23/2018 14:28
this is

heck smooth

am i still on toonator? >:O
Amorthlen 09/27/2018 18:14
aww! This is so cool!!! XD I can't imagine toonator without peeks <3
PiperTheArtsyFox 08/26/2018 09:59
TouchMiPP, wut the f@#k why did you write all of that (ye totally not copy and paasste)
TouchMiPP 08/26/2018 01:44
lol if your wondering yes I did write all that and if i put my real name anywhere it was by accident not on purpose
TouchMiPP 08/26/2018 01:43
Ah Brings me back to the summer of 1982 if you must hear

“Cancer… John Wayne died from sun cancer you know.” I had said to my two chubby cousins John and David.
It was a summer day in somewhere far far away in California the sun was blaring UV rays onto the back of my neck I can feel a tingling sensation growing upon my shoulders to the top of my neck which soon will turn into a painful sunburn.
“That's why they named the airport after him to Commemorate his death they bring you up way close to the sun increasing your risk of ending up like him.” I finished off with.
They both looked at me with blank faces not knowing who John Wayne was. I thought it was still pretty clever.
My cousin John changed the topic and said “If we cracked an egg on the side of the road you think it will cook.”
David Injected with “Who would want to eat the egg if it was cooked on the ground.”
“We’re not planning on eating the egg egghead.” John said.
David responded with “Come on you know im sensitive about the shape of my head.”
John ran inside the old cozy house that my grandma lived in and came trotting out with a girly sunhat some sunscreen not all the way rubbed on his face he was already wearing cargo shorts to begin with so it looked like he was going swimming. He had a couple wild cherry capri suns only men drink wild cherry capri sun because the flavor is manly. He dropped all of the stuff off at the stoop and ran down to the street with the egg and splattered in on the sewer lid in the middle of the street. This was genius because the metal might conduct enough heat to cook the egg. He wobbled back up the steps out of breath and we all waited for the egg to cook.
We patiently watched and waited for the egg to cook while sipping on our capri suns. Our research was then interrupted by the most beautiful sound we had ever heard. It was the sound of the icecream truck I tossed my capri sun into a bush i'm sure it landed on a family of rats because the bush wiggled and rustled. We all dug in our pocket for cash because every week the icecream truck comes on a sunday but it being summer days of the week don't exist so the most reasonable thing to do is always keep money in your pocket. We dug around tryna find stuff while running out to the street. The truck was coming around the corner at around 50 miles per hour and then slowed down to about 5 miles per hour. Ice Cream trucks don't abide by the the laws of physics because normally a car going that fast at that size then turning would tip over. You can tell the bus was associated with church because science is not stopping it. I don't mind i'm Liberal.
We ran out to the street with our hands in our pocket and when we got there we all pulled our hands out and counted our coins. My pants were no longer falling from the weight of my coins. By this point all of the children in the neighborhood were out at the street some didn't even bother to put anything on cause buying ice cream is a game of speed you gotta be out there before the bus is gone or they'll make you chase the bus for a mile and a half before stopping and by that point you don't even want ice cream anymore you just hope he sells water because you weren't expecting to run a marathon that day. Fortunately we made it onto the street on time.
I said “May I have a a bag of hot cheetos with the cheese and jalapeno and a pack of Pokemon cards please.”
John said “ Yeah I'll also take a Rocket Pop and 4 boxes of stink bombs”
David said “I'll take a Rocket Pop and a bag those little toy soldier thingys with the parachute and a box of pop its.”
“14 dollars.” said the ice cream truck guy.
I gave the guy my crisp 10 dollar bill my mom gave me so David, John, and I can walk and get lunch at the donut shop. John and David paid the rest in Quarters. We walked to the front yard and dropped all the stuff on the patchy grass in the front yard. The Icecream truck guy started his engine back on and when he was driving away he snatched our goopy egg with his front right tire and drove away. I was the only one who noticed at the time I just thought you win some you lose some. I didn't know what that expression was but that's exactly what I felt. I don't know why I thought of it but I felt like it would be pretty significant in my future.
While I was sitting there being a philosophical 9 year old John interrupted with“Why didn't you get ice cream TouchMiPP.”
“We have a tub of it in the freezer.” I said while opening the the plastic fork from its little plastic thing. I stuck some in my mouth and it was well worth the cash. John and David took some bites trying to avoid the Jalapenos.
We saw my Grandma watering the plants wearing the same Dollar Tree sun hat as John and told her to spray us. It was so fun I remember we the pressure of the water sprayed davids popsicle off of the stick and he cried and we laughed for an hour straight. We grabbed all of our toys I threw my pokemon cards into my big box of pokemon cards Im investing for the future they'll be worth alot one day. We all played with David’s Soldier toys for like 15 minutes until we got bored. We wanted to open John’s stink bombs but it was glass and it would've been very dangerous throwing it at each other in the house. What he did with it was even better he saved the stink bombs for the perfect moment.
Two weeks later we were at a Funeral and when it was over and everyone was in the snack room he stomped on one of the boxes of the stink bomb. It smelt so bad everyone thought it was rotting bodies so we skipped everything and went straight to the burial.
It was a beautiful day but back to right now. After we finished playing with the Toys and we went a couple rounds in Black Ops Zombies we were starting to get bored.
I suggested “Lets play hide and seek!”
The only reason I suggested it was because I kicked butt at it but whenever I lost I wouldn't take it to easily mentally I wasn't a sore loser or anything I just bottled up all my feelings and I wouldn't enjoy it as much as if I actually won. We played Rock Paper scissors and David was the loser and he was it. Not only am I the champion of Hide and Seek i'm also the unrecognized champion of Rock Paper Scissors. The whole story before this is just the exposition for what is to come now. Im very excited in the game of Hide and seek we play it's sort of a mixture between Hide and seek and Infected. You need to be touched with two palms to count as out. And when your out you can choose to help get everyone else out or just spectate. So sometimes we are running for a really really long time when there are a lot of people playing with us. David started counting up to 50. John and I started opening and closing doors trying to throw off David as much as possible it's a pretty big and cozy house there are a lotta doors and a lotta places to hide.
I yelled “Try to find us now fatty!”
“7...8 come on you know im sensitive about that. 9...10…”
I was going to run outside and hide around the corner but John grabbed my shoulder and reminded me the boundaries were set for inside the house. So I ran for my second favorite hiding spot the stinky random closet in the middle of the hallway. I ran in and closed the door as gently as I could when I heard slabs of meat slapping the hardwood floor coming right towards the closet I was in. John Jumped in and sat right next to me. I almost had a heart attack.
I said “Dude get outta here this is my spot.”
“Nah man you don't know what i saw II-I”
“Spit it out boy”
“I saw Grandma’s lady parts man. I ran to the bathroom because I was going to hide behind the shower curtains Grandma was naked I was naked.”
“Ok when did… whyd you get naked bro”
“I didn't feel comfortable gettin’ all clothed Ninjago is playing later maybe I was gettin’ my shower in early cause I don't wanna miss it when it plays.”
By this point I had completely forgot we were playing hide and seek until I heard the roar a lion. “Rrrrrreeeady or nut here I come.”
Me and John fell completely silent we knew even the littlest peep (RIP by the way) were to come out of either of us we were screwed. I looked over at John and his face was all purple and a big vein was pulsating out from the side of his neck he looked like he was turning into the purple hulk. Soon I thought maybe his mouth will start foaming.
I chuckled out softly “You good.”
Then he let out the biggest fart in the history of mankind. It was a natural disaster the whole ground rumbled maybe I even heard a bookshelf fall over in the room over. The gasses arose from his shorts and I was gasping for uninfected oxygen in this gassy chamber. I'm sure it was on a magnitude maybe it even hit San Francisco. It smelt so bad I thought he broke the stink bombs I would've believed if if he were wearing pants but he only got got enough time to but on his soggy underwear. These to me seem like reasonable hypotheticals. I started laughing violently because thats what a normal person does when they here such a fart that makes even there eyes burn. I was kicking spastically and covering my mouth to conceal my laughter in the small claustrophobic square meter of space in the small closet and it felt like the long coat sleeves were all reaching down and tickling me. I felt a few drips in my underwear probably the capri sun and all that water I drank after the spicy cheetos. Instead of thinking that I was peeing the first thing I thought was...
“You just killed the both of us with your methane.”
I looked down and he did too and he screamed “Ahh dude get a grip your wetting yourself.”
He started pressing his back aginst the wall and using his foot to press away from me in disgust pushing on my bladder. I saw a foot shadows peek from under the door where bright light was shining outside the room. Then the door opened really fast my eyes needed to adjust from being in the darked for several I thought I was seeing Jesus because it was a dark figure with bright LED light shining from behind.
Then the dark figure just turned into my topless grandmother that was looking for something to wear.
“God D*** it where'd I go a leave my bra at…” Then she look down at us sitting with our knees to our face and with a straight face said. “You guys gone an mess with my bra again.”
I started screeching in horror while John just pointed at her junk and see said “See I told you I really told you this time!” as if I thought he were lying
Then David came running full speed and made a sharp turn but he was wearing socks so he kind of slid around like a ice skater. He slid to the right and caught himself with his hands and continued running directly at us. At that point I was completely drenched in my own bodily fluid. Nothing in the slightest fazed David he just looked past me wet topples old lady with her pants over her belly button with little ol’ john pointing at her also unphased like he’s been threw it before while yelling into my ears. It reminded me of a modern arts exhibit it was a incomprehensible mess. David look at it with a determined face bolting at us just sidearming Grandma out of the way. I threw John in front of me out of my way he was still just pointing. David pounced on John like the Lion he was and while he he occupied with John I juked past Grandma and turned back to see the scene behind me. David looked like a fish out of water flopping around on top John. Tears were streaming down his face as he reached out and told me to run. I wiped the tear from my cheek and continued sprinting towards the door and when I reached it outside I leaped off the large stoop. I looked back again and saw David putting on his crocs with a your next look on his face. I was barefoot running down the sidewalk for my life.
John and david were chasing me down the street the running motion felt so natural right now my brain wasn't telling my legs to move they were just moving so naturally. My groin area started feeling numb because by ow it was dusk and it was starting to get cold around my wet spot. I parkoured over a couch and a cat and continued running into the the beautiful guy sky with clouds even greyer with sharp drizzles of rain on a day we thought it couldn't. The dryness the dawn brought us was swept away by the sweet nectar of dusk. I ran blocks and blocks barefoot on the wet terrain dodging the obstacles like broken beer bottles without the slightest thought. Life won't usually give you such a beautiful ending in most cases and this was no exception. You have to pick a choose what you want from life because you can't ever have everything.You gotta lose sometime for the universe to ever root for you. My joy was brought to a pause because the second I stopped looking my front foot slid of a skateboard bring the other knee crashing towards the ground at full force. I was long ahead of John and David so I kind of just laid there for a little just thinking and crying because I had a huge scrape on my knee.
John and David came running from behind out of breath
David said huffing and Puffing “You stepped out of the boundaries hah hah ... you dummy you lost like 9 blocks ago.”
They helped me up and I limped back home next to them.
We walked for a few blocks just talking and laughing when John pointed out at the road and said “Oh snap it's the egg from earlier! How'd it get all the way out here.”
I said “The bus parked on it and I guess it cooked on its tire and it got dragged it all the way out here.
We all walked up to the deformed scrambled egg which really was a representation of our day all the nasty things like leaves and rocks and gunk that got tracked in with our egg represents all the weird and crazy things that happened like the egg being taken, me peeing myself, seeing my grandma naked, hurting my knee, and the water droplets land on my sunburn at the moment didn't technically stop my egg from cooking or for my day from being a total blast.
“I dare you to take a bite from the egg for twenty bucks.”
“Ew dude im not tryna go down like John Wayne.”
“Hey TouchMiPP who the heck is John Wayne and why do you keep on bringing him up.”
THEROLEPLAYER_ 08/24/2018 20:55
i love your style and animation and charcters iudsvoiwhfvjlwefv
Yushino 08/24/2018 20:28
Maki would most likely say, "Do you want to die?"
MoonSpeckle 08/24/2018 19:25
is this..kaito, maki and shuichi??