12/15/2019 07:52
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JourneyToDrawiii 12/15/2019 09:07
Newest0_0Account, Haha yeah thanks
Newest0_0Account 12/15/2019 09:01
JourneyToDrawiii, LMAO I LOVE THAT
JourneyToDrawiii 12/15/2019 08:45
rhapsody, No, I just like short hair. I think it's cute. Also, I'm super gay so... yeah.
Blobby- 12/15/2019 08:33
rhapsody, wow what a statement
rhapsody 12/15/2019 08:29
JourneyToDrawiii, ur saying ''i do want to be transgender''
JourneyToDrawiii 12/15/2019 08:28
rhapsody, No... but I do want short hair.
rhapsody 12/15/2019 08:23
is this you as a human
JourneyToDrawiii 12/15/2019 08:21
Blobby-, Oh cool, and thanks.
Blobby- 12/15/2019 08:20
JourneyToDrawiii, i like them :3 (im toonim and newest account btw lol)
JourneyToDrawiii 12/15/2019 08:19
Newest0_0Account, Haha, yeah. Thanks, I had no idea people actually liked my animations. XD