goodbye toonator(desc)

01/15/2018 12:25
sorry dudes but this is my last toon i have to leave toonator and i cant say you why,future-mfx finish the collab plis,well bye
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TheGamingTriple 01/29/2018 10:26
dabber66 is back yay
dabber66 01/28/2018 11:39
calm i come :)
TheAnimations 01/25/2018 07:42
it whas a really old account so i left it.
TheAnimations 01/25/2018 07:42
If dabber66 sees this i am an alt account of Emils-Vanags
TheAnimations 01/25/2018 07:40
And there goes a toonator friend....
i really hope you can come back sometime.
StickZTop 01/22/2018 11:52
wow bye dabber66 maybe you are somewhere idk
SisVSBro 01/22/2018 04:38

SwagTomato 01/19/2018 09:05
ooo noo..
Well here goes my only toonator friend
IamNOgoodARTIST 01/18/2018 11:17
*cries hysterically* NOOOOOO DO NOT GO!!!!!!! :(
Rayn007 01/16/2018 15:40
Noo.. Look. I understand, i think it's a family thing or something, but i hope you will come back one day, we all love you, so.. Peace!