07/13/2020 20:34
it dont help that i use a mouse
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Raine_Rain 10/30/2020 21:32
Squibby, yea! :D
VoidWatcher 09/21/2020 19:49
Tropical_Sipss 09/21/2020 19:43
i feel you bud, u-u #mousegang
Squibby 08/20/2020 21:42
Raine_Rain, Epicc keep goin we gotta like-- i dunno show pen users what for lol
Raine_Rain 08/20/2020 20:08
Squibby, 2 years for me
Squibby 08/20/2020 18:19
Raine_Rain, you an me both brother,, well yea i have a pen now but i cant use it on here and ive used mouse for 4 years?
Raine_Rain 08/13/2020 02:28
I have never had a stylus and a drawing tablet in my hand...i use mouse everyday
AnthTanth 07/13/2020 22:17
ig u just get used to it
DeSpAcItUs 07/13/2020 21:07
Yeah, mouse be hard, but at least it's not trackpad ahahaa...