Desert hopper

06/10/2019 21:43
pretty proud of this run cycle, but the body proportions are all off so it'd just look bad finished
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toonimator_101 06/11/2019 00:50
This is so awesome, the proportions look fine to me ^w^
SatanTeleTubby 06/10/2019 23:45
smoother than butter
LizWiz 06/10/2019 23:06
swearword= gosh diddly darn it
canadian-leaf205 06/10/2019 22:57
Cashew_Studios, *insert swearword* Sorry I was logged on in a drifferent account a
Cashew_Studios 06/10/2019 22:57
LizWiz, coz this is rlly good
LizWiz 06/10/2019 22:43
canadian-leaf205, ????whythemedal??? *visible confusion*
Dogfish 06/10/2019 22:26

I have been inspired
canadian-leaf205 06/10/2019 22:26
This Is sooo GOOOD I love it sm
GrammarTheNazi 06/10/2019 22:19
LizWiz 06/10/2019 22:19