playing cards

03/02/2020 23:21
u won (sorry for suru looking so bad, my mouse just decided to be mean to me when i moved it right to work on u oof. btw, for everyone else viewing this, heyo! @Fluffowuffo here just visiting Suru's account lol. he said that i could post on here uwu)
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vangle 05/27/2020 18:47
SuruSuruWo, Fluffowuffo, Cuz i like TALIA8PIEXSURUSURUWO *Run*
SuruSuruWo 03/28/2020 19:27
Fluffowuffo, i second this,, also hi fluffo xD
Fluffowuffo 03/28/2020 18:35
GlitterBomb, Although it is true that our ages are close, this ship doesn't work out; I already have a boyfriend lol XD and suru and i are just buds uwu
GlitterBomb 03/24/2020 17:31
vangle, they are both the same age, I think suru is 20 and fluffo is 19
beemoboy 03/19/2020 12:13
-__-__-__-__-__-, Yes im still going on about this
beemoboy 03/19/2020 12:13
-__-__-__-__-__-, Qaying Fards
vangle 03/18/2020 18:06
vangle 03/18/2020 18:06
Auuu, can I play?
GlitterBomb 03/11/2020 01:37
Its a Ship!!! XDD
-__-__-__-__-__- 03/10/2020 13:45
beemoboy, laying shards

you know... shards.. like... pFFF i sharded.
im not funny