05/19/2019 17:49
✩✩✩✩✩✩✩✩✩✩✩✩✩ Houseki no kuni is an absoulutely beautiful!! despite being a 3d anime it capture's the 2d model wonderfully!! i might rewatch it again for an 8th time >:0 btw "i don't wanna be one of those the manga is better" fans but please check it out it is so satisfying!
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Pasterupastel 05/20/2019 13:48
Amorthlen, correcto >:3
Amorthlen 05/19/2019 21:22
yes huesos :3
Amorthlen 05/19/2019 18:59
Sp3ctrum, <3 sp3ctrum, you rule <3
Pasterupastel 05/19/2019 18:49
Sp3ctrum, DUude i don't know how to react right now i'm freaking spooked!hjgjkg
Pasterupastel 05/19/2019 18:46
Sp3ctrum, oh oh my god!?! Thankk you THANK YOU
Sp3ctrum 05/19/2019 18:42
Amorthlen, Alright I spent a thousand spiders. 10 toons added medals.
Sp3ctrum 05/19/2019 18:41
Amorthlen, on it chief
Pasterupastel 05/19/2019 18:31
Amorthlen, oh my heart!! that's too sweet
Pasterupastel 05/19/2019 18:30
Yuki142080, Same, it's got me +_+
btw Dia- "I want to watch you cuddle" bless this goi
Amorthlen 05/19/2019 18:19
holy crud man you are just popping out one amazing drawing after the other. YOU NEED MORE MEDALS