Reggie Ref Sheet 2019

03/20/2019 15:10
Additional Info: Protective of his younger sister Gwen and would do anything to protect her (even though she could 100% beat him up) , Scared of his mum , Probably has a tumblr acc , Tries to use slang and refers to anybody of the lower class as ''peasants'' , Very self-conscious of his name and tells people to only call him ''Reggie'' , Can play the piano and takes frequent acting lessons , Favourite play is Romeo and Juliet (cries everytime) || Voice: (yes this is the voice actor for steven universe)



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art_trash 05/24/2019 16:10
CrownedDoubt Sir first, yoURe under arrest for using the wrong yOUrE
pudii 04/22/2019 17:28
oh no this
capp 04/22/2019 14:28
pudii, oh no
pudii 04/22/2019 14:01
Oh yes
capp 03/26/2019 12:34
AThornBush, cursed
AThornBush 03/26/2019 12:26
He reminds me so much of undyne in a way andnsndndfddnfndndsms
capp 03/20/2019 15:30
SeaOfSecrets, he says ''hi and i know''
capp 03/20/2019 15:29
SeaOfSecrets 03/20/2019 15:27
such a wonderful looking dude :0 tell him i said hi and thats hes fuckin handsome
HeartlessSignal 03/20/2019 15:25
CrownedDoubt, Yes very smexy fish boi..